Birds! Slots: Get Hooked on This Rewarding 3D Slot.

Everything about Birds! slots is going to gain your attention. Start with the catchy tune that plays as birds fly on and off the three wires. This game lacks pay lines, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s easier than ever to win because the birds simply need to be in a group of three. If they are, you win, the matching birds fly away, and new birds fly onto the wires.

Here’s What You Can Win

The prize you get is determined by the number of birds in the winning combination. If you had three light or dark gray birds, you’d win 30 coins (3 times 10 coins). The blue and pink birds pay 15 coins for each one in the combination. The purple bird is 20, while the green bird is 40. Yellow, orange, and red birds increase to 75, 100, and 125 coins. The sparkling pastel bird is worth a whopping 500 coins.

There’s one more bird in Birds! The rainbow bird is a wild symbol with 910 coins each. He can help form some gigantic combinations when pairing with the other birds, too.

After a win, you can take that cash prize and gamble it for more cash. Click “Gamble” and decide if you want to risk 50 or 100 percent of your winnings. Next, pick heads or tails. The coin flips around and reveals the winning side. If you’ve guessed correctly, you double what you’ve wagered.

Win Free Flights on Birds! Slots

As you collect winning combinations, the Flight Meter climbs. If it fills to the four flights line, you win eight free spins. Five flights give you a dozen free spins. Six flights trigger a bonus of 20 free spins. Subsequent flights award you an additional 14 free spins plus the number of flights that triggered the bonus. For example, if you had 10 flights in a row due to winning combinations, you’d get 14 free spins plus another 10.

It’s Easy to Get Started

It’s so easy to play. Set your bet level (1 to 5), your coin value (2 to 50 cents), and then spin the reels. You’ll love watching the colorful birds fly, spin, and sing their beautiful songs for you. Auto play is available if you want to sit back and watch while the computer clicks spin for you. Play Birds! slots today.

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