Responsible Gaming

Protection of Minors

Drake Casino requires all players to be at least 21 years of age or the age of majority. All players must confirm their age and certify that they are of legal age to gamble in their region prior to opening an account. Drake Casino actively monitors for underage accounts and uses a variety of tools to verify information.

Any accounts found to have been opened by an underage individual will be immediately disabled and any winnings forfeit. Misrepresenting your age to avoid age restrictions is considered fraud and is a serious offense.

In order to prevent underage individuals from accessing your account Drake Casino recommends keeping your account number and password secret, not leaving your computer unattended when logged in to your account, and never sharing your Credit Card number or banking information with minors.

Parental Controls

As internet usage is readily available in many households it is up to both gaming companies as well as parents/guardians to work together to ensure the protection of minors from underage gaming.

There are many products available to assist parents in filtering sites that can and cannot be accessed by minors. If  you have minors in your home, we recommend installing such parental control software.

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Responsible Gambling

Most people who choose to play at an online casino do so for entertainment purposes and remain within their means. There is, however, a small percentage of players that may lose control when they gamble online. In order to prevent this, please bear the following in mind:

  • Gambling should be entertaining and not seen as a means to making money.
  • Keep track of the amount of money you spend and only gamble what you can afford to lose. Do not chase your losses.
  • Keep track of the amount of time you spend gambling.
  • Do not gamble if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Do not gamble if you are depressed or to avoid other problems in your life.

Self Exclusion

If you feel you need to take a break, please contact support to have your account disabled. If you feel that you have a gambling problem, please let support know so they can ensure that your account will remain permanently disabled.

Problem Gambling Resources

There are many resources available to individuals who have, or are developing, gambling problems. If you feel that you have a problem, we recommend visiting: